Forum Title: Smell coming from water heater?
Hi, Just wondering, I have read that a rotten egg smell can be in water and that it comes from the water heater. We do have a rotten egg smell in the room that the water heater is in, but it is not in the water. Water smells fine. So could that smell be coming from the water heater itself, or is it likely something else?
Category: Plumber Post By: ROSA CHAPMAN (Tracy, CA), 01/13/2016

it could be one of two things you may have a gas leak. or you may have a sewer gas leak do you have a gas line in that room? if you do, get a spray bottle [old fantastic bottle] put a 1/8 cup of dish soap in and fill with water. spray the fittings. look for bubbles if its there a floor drain or any kind of drain in that room? pour a 1/2 gallon of water in drain, trap might be dry

- JESSIE HAYNES (Moreno Valley, CA), 09/02/2017

Thank you two for your fast responses. I called the landlord and she says there is no gas in the building. So I guess it's not gas. We are on the third floor so there is no floor drain in the room - but we do have a washing machine hook up pipe that is not hooked up to anything. I put a rag in the pipe the covered it with a plastic bag and a rubber band, then I taped a other plastic bag to the wall over the whole thing but the smell is still there. ??? Thanks again! I appreciate your help.

- FRANK YOUNG (Euless, TX), 09/22/2017

That could be a small gas leak. Turn off the water heater and call someone to inspect it. Maybe just he flex supply. You can try using a spay bottle with a mixture of dish soap & water. Best thing to do is call a pro. leaking gas is not something you want to fool around with

- TARA LOWE (St. Clair Shores, MI), 10/04/2017

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