Forum Title: Pipe connections to a pump
Hi. I'm replacing a pool pump which had 40mm fittings and the new one has 50mm fittings. I have installed 40 to 50mm connectors on each outlet but not glued yet. When running the pump the down pipe connection is leaking around the connection point and then pulls apart due to pressure. Question is do I need to silicon where the piping goes into the connector and also will gluing them together fix this issue? Thanks for any help. I was hesitant to glue it before I had it working.
Category: Plumber Post By: RAMON SANTIAGO (Evanston, IL), 05/21/2016

post a picture of your pump/piping what type of pipe is it? plastic? what type of plastic? if you have a pump that vibrates, I generally install a flex connector. pumps are famous for making a screw joint leak to to vibrating

- CONNIE REYNOLDS (Huntsville, AL), 09/13/2017

It's just normal white plastic pipe. Pump doesn't vibrate as it's quite stable on level ground.

- Nick L (Johns Creek, GA), 09/20/2017

Photos of previous pump and fittings attached. These fittings were 40mm however new pump has 50mm hence the need to install a 40 to 50mm connector at each outlet. That is all I have really done.

- FRANCIS JACOBS (Battle Creek, MI), 09/22/2017

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