Forum Title: Frozen Pipe how lucky was I?
Last week the cold water pipe in our bathroom sink froze one very cold windy morning,turned off the main house supply and turned up the heat in the house and the water started running again a couple of hours later and no leaks / burst pipes occurred-). We have lived in the house 20 years without this happening so it was quite a surprise. Two questions, first when the water started flowing a noted a little brownish discoloration for a few seconds, should this be a concern? Also how lucky were we do pipes usually burst, or just rarely? By the way the frozen pipe is behind a tile wall so there is no easy way to get at it, next time it is really cold will let the faucet drip.
Category: Plumber Post By: ESTHER BISHOP (Farmington Hills, MI), 07/07/2016

Its just rust most likely, Do you have copper or galvanized pipe? Your main run from meter could be galvanized causing the rust in the water.

- ERIN LITTLE (Terre Haute, IN), 09/03/2017

cut the wall from the back side. the side with out tile

- JAY MCCOY (Oxnard, CA), 10/01/2017

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