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We just had new cabinets installed in our kitchen. While the walls were open, we had our local plumbers over to redo all the supply and drain lines, and they did a great job. So it's all in, and the only last detail now is that we need to buy and install a dishwasher. The hot water supply and air gap are ready. The only thing we need to do before we can hook it up is to drill a hole in the cabinet between the dishwasher compartment and the area under the sink for the dishwasher's supply and drain lines to pass through. Questions: -- Does the height of the placement of this hole (off the floor) matter, or can it be at any height that's convenient? -- How big would you normally make the hole for these two lines? I've got a box of Forstner bits, so can easily go up or down in size. -- I know I could just drill the hole and leave it at that, but do people ever finish it off in some way? Any kind of grommet-like thing (probably not the right word) to install in the hole to leave it looking a little nicer?
Category: Plumber Post By: FRANCIS JACOBS (Lakewood, CA), 06/20/2017

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